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So What? What Can Nano Do for Us?

It's Day Two of the Foresight conference, and the focus is on "applications." Yesterday concentrated on nano research, today concentrates on what nano can do for us.

ScottmizeThe first speaker this morning was Scott Mize, who has just finished speaking as I write this. (His abstract is here.) Scott is the new president of Foresight, having just taken over the job a couple of months ago. His remarks this morning concentrated on how nanotechnology could help solve the problems raised by the United Nations Millennium Challenges. It's part of his effort to make Foresight seem more relevant. These challenges include things like global warming, dirty water, declining resources, infectious diseases, and terrorism.

One interesting observation Scott makes is this: while the total number of dollars going into nano has been rising, the number new deals in nano business is going down. There's so much uncertainty in the early stages of nano business endeavors that, it seems, new investors are decreasingly willing to take new risks. Or so it seems.

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