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Nice Blogger Goes Far

This'll be my last post for the night, although I've made a few other updates further down the site, including the addition of some new pictures and video.

Howard Lovy, prizewinnerI'll say a little more about tonight's banquet during the day tomorrow, time permitting. Meanwhile, though, I wanted to congratulate Howard Lovy for winning the Foresight Prize in Communication. Howard is a writer. He has a nanotech blog (NanoBot), and until recently worked at Small Times covering the nano-beat. Hopefully he'll be a New Atlantis contributor someday, too. You can read Howard's remarks upon accepting the award here. And at left, you can see Howard beaming. (Click to enlarge.)

I'll have more on the other prize winners tomorrow, along with some interesting news about changes in the way Foresight is planning on operating its prizes. (Think X Prize.) For now, good night.

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