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New Nano-Video Matching Grant

Between speakers, Foresight President Scott Mize came out and announced the creation of a $10,000 matching grant, offered by a nanotech company, for the completion of Eric Drexler's animation (blogged earlier here, with images). For every dollar that somebody else donates -- maybe you? -- this company will donate a dollar toward the completion of the animation. For more information, contact Foresight. You'll probably get your name in credits at the end...

UPDATE: The matching grant has been arranged by Mark Sims of Nanorex. The animation, which is now in version 0.8, has been a "labor of love" so far, according to Scott Mize, but there are still at least six weeks of animation work remaining. The video, according to Eric Drexler, will be freely available on TV and elsewhere, and is intended to be "a tremendous tool for giving a picture of where this path we're embarking on will take us." It will show how nanomanufacturing need be no more frightening than, say, a microwave oven. In fact, when the animation ends and the desktop nano-factory opens, Drexler just told me, they're even going to have it make a "bing" sound like a finished microwave.

Here, by the way, are a few more pictures from the animation -- pictures I didn't show in my earlier post:



UPDATE: Scott Mize, the president of Foresight, came out a couple more times during the day to announce that money for the animation was already beginning to come in, thanks to the matching grant. He first announced that they'd brought in $1,250, and later said even more was coming in. Ask and ye shall receive.

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