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Nanotech Legislation

Yesterday, before the conference officially began, Foresight hosted a luncheon on nanotechnology policy. I'll put up more pictures of it later, but wanted first to mention one item. At the lunch was Eric Werwa, a senior legislative assistant to Congressman Mike Honda (Democrat of California). Mr. Werwa described a bill his boss sponsored, the Nanomanufacturing Investment Act of 2004 (H.R. 4656).

So what's the bill about? No need for me to tell you: click the picture below to see how Mr. Werwa describes the bill in twenty seconds (streaming Windows video).


Of course, nothing is going to happen with the bill this year -- Congress is essentially done for the year, so the bill will have to be reintroduced next year. You can read the text of the bill here, and a press release from Congressman Honda's office summarizing the bill here.

(By the way, the streaming video is made possible by Nine Systems, a media firm that I heartily endorse, and not just because I have a friend who works there and who arranged for them to stream this video.)

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I agree with your prediction on Instapundit about independently produced political videos in the 2008 campaign.
You might be interested in a recent study by GW's Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet called "Under the Radar & Over the Top: Political Videos in the 2004 election.
It is available on our Web site at www.ipdi.org/ Our Web site also contains a video library of about 75 independently produced video and about 75 produced by the two presidential candidates and the national political parties.
Best regards,
Carol Darr
Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet

Posted by: Carol Darr | Nov 9, 2004 2:18:13 PM

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