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Nano Research: Help wanted

Two more presentations just zoomed by, as I was busy getting various aspects of the blog in order. The first was from Christian Schafmeister of the University of Pittsburgh (abstract here), and dealt with designing parts for molecular machines. At the end of his talk, he was asked whether enough money was coming his way, and he said, "The money isn't a problem. The people are a problem. I need good postdocs, and people to do this work."

He was followed by Amar Flood of UCLA (abstract here), who looks tremendously like actor Paul Bettany, at least from where I'm sitting. He spoke about designing molecules that can make rotary and linear movements. These would be important components of molecular machines, just as levers and wheels are important to normal machines in the macro world.

I'll try to get a few pictures up in a few minutes.

UPDATE: I grabbed Christian Schafmeister in the hallway and asked him to comment further on what he said about needing good minds. Here's a video in which he clarifies: he's talking about the difficulty of attracting people to cutting-edge work like his, especially if you're a professor who doesn't yet have a big name and a big lab. The video is streaming Windows media:

Christian Schafmeister of the University of Pittsburgh

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