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Guidelines for Developing Nano *Safely*

JacobsteinSome years ago, the Foresight Institute came out with a set of general guidelines intended for voluntary adoption by researchers, government, regulators, companies, and basically anybody engaging in nanotech-work. They were intended to stay ahead of the curve by preventing the worst possible abuses before they even become possible, and to reduce the risks of nanotechnology research.

The guidelines have evolved over time, and today marks the release of the newest version, version 4.0. They're being officially released in a talk happening right now (it's 3:07 in the afternoon as I write this) by Neil Jacobstein of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing (abstract here). Mr. Jacobstein is one of the primary authors of the new version; the other primary author is Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds. I don't think the new version is online yet, but you can see a previous edition, version 3.7, here.

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