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Going to talk shortly

Sorry blogging has been light this morning; I was up late re-writing my comments, which I'm supposed to deliver here this morning in just a few minutes, at 11:30 a.m. I'll get back to this side of the lectern -- the comfortable blogging corner -- probably around noon.

UPDATE: Done talking. Delivered a long, probably only semi-coherent, caffeine-fueled rant about how the Foresight Institute, and those generally interested in advanced nanotechnology, have to work harder to stay politically relevant. I was the first speaker at the conference not to use PowerPoint, so I'm afraid some people who've become used to staying awake by reading slides might have nodded off during my talk. I may try to put the text up later today.

UPDATE: Scott Mize, the president of the Foresight Institute, just got up onstage to mention that Foresight has raised $4,600 so far to pay for the completion of the new desktop nanofactory animation (mentioned below). In my lecture, I mentioned how that animation could be important to improving the public debate about nanotechnology. And that $4,600 is actually worth $9,200, thanks to the matching grant mentioned below.

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I applaud the lack of Powerpoint in your talk - and the ability to simply *talk*... and the providing of the realtime reportage via blog.

Posted by: Rob Tow | Oct 24, 2004 11:41:41 AM

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